patchouli love


Patchouli is a fragrance that evokes an immediate love or hate response from those who encounter the aroma.

No middle ground on this one.

So what is this opinion evoking scent anyway?

Well, for starters, Patchouli is a species of plant from the Pogostemon mint family and is native to India. It is a bushy herb that reaches about two or three feet in height and bears small, pale pink-white flowers.

Most recognize the fragrance from back in the day, the 1960’s and 70’s, when it was used as a cover up fragrance and popularized by hippies.

Earthy, smooth, penetrating, herbaceous, and smoky.

Patchouli adds depth to other fragrances – these days it’s a popular essential oil providing an enticing, complex background blend in over 150 popular perfumes and colognes!

patchouli plant

You just may be wearing patchouli right now.

So why, besides it’s provocative deep base note scent, do we use pure patchouli essential oil in our products?

First off, pure essential oils are - always clean, direct, and honest. We believe that using the purest undiluted essential oils in our products creates effective ways to help you unwind and relax, revitalize and rejuvenate, clarify and restore balance.

Your sense of smell triggers many physiological responses including memory and emotions and Moxxie Essential Care is all about creating great experience and beneficial self-care.

Our customers ask for Patchouli because it’s true, unique aroma relaxes, reduces tension and is uplifting.

"I love the smell of my patchouli soap and balm. It just makes me feel wonderful!"

And there are more benefits.

Patchouli essential oil helps tone and rejuvenate the skin. The oil is known to normalize oily and combination skin, soothe skin irritations and control acne, eczema and dandruff.

Patchouli essential oil is also anti-fungal, antiseptic and is an effective insect repellent.

Ahhh, so many uses, so little time! Who knew?