Moxxie is in WholeFoods

Moxxie is in WholeFoods

Wow! It's really happening! After a lot of hard work and encouraging support I am so excited to say that that we delivered our first order to the Whole Foods – Jamboree store in Tustin, CA!

Now, you can stop by and pick up our solid sugar scrubs and solid lotion body balms on the shelves in the body care department. This is truly awesome and a great first step!!

Creating and sharing Moxxie has been a terrific (and terrifying) journey for me and it’s only just begun. Adding wholesale deliveries to the mix of direct sales at farmer’s markets and artisan events is a whole other level of stretch.

And stretch is good... It's how we get better at what we do.

We are in our fourth year now and there have been countless hours of developing, creating, producing, testing, hitting the mark, missing the mark and starting over to improve and deliver.... to you, the customer and our supporter.

This is a labor of love, pushing me into and beyond my comfort zone. It's about leaning in, believing and doing. And it’s all part of the mix of a full life.

So, so glad to be in the mix. Thank you.