Moxxie and Me

I AM a philosopher, designer, innovator and change maker.  I LIVE to create, transform and impact. I LOVE the interplay of colors, textures and aromas.  I COMMIT to embrace my life journey with passion, curiosity and conviction.


The Moxxie story starts with me some years ago, a former architectural designer, planner and community developer – building physical environments for people to thrive,  pacing the aisles at a local craft store impatiently waiting for my kids to figure out their last-minute supply list for their art projects due the next day (big eyeroll).  Unexpectedly, I came across a beautifully photographed book on soap making.   

It sang to me, "you can make this."

Seriously though, some great smelling-feeling soap while soaking in a hot tub, with a glass of read wine....... would be mighty good right now. I scooped up a copy, brought it home and stuck it on the nightstand beside my bed thinking I'd jump right on it.  But, you know the habit.  Find something you like but set it aside for later cause you’ve got other more important things to do.  For everyone else.

But still it sang to me.   Softly.   Every night.

Formulating plant-based bath and body products gives me all that and then some.

Fast forward 5 years.  I finally had enough.  Or not enough.  Always busy doing, planning, doing.  I had just turned 50 and realized I wanted more.  

I had become a card carrying a member of the sandwich generation, caught in the middle of competing demands between family and work, kids and elderly parents, neglecting my own needs and desires.  I was worn down by the constant pressures of my responsibilities to others. The struggle of the juggle was intense and unrelenting.

Growing Older.   Getting Bolder.   Enjoying the Life of Unapologetic Self-Care.

And then Moxxie showed up at my door. 

She became my clarion call – a gentle but pushy reminder for me to prioritize me and my selfcare. And not just any indulgent, get a massage, mani-pedi care, but a smart start the day, end the day, and support me throughout the day, whenever, wherever I needed empowering self-care.

With Moxxie I evolved my sense of purpose and began a journey into radical, unapologetic self-care.  I plunged into learning and creating luscious botanical soaps, used them every day, gave them to friends and family, set up a booth at local markets. 

Little Did I Realize I Had Started A Life Commitment To Shift The Conflicting Narrative For Women From Mid-Life Longing To Self-Care Belonging.

Over the years Moxxie evolved into a collection of naturally aromatic and textured, clean, pure and simple soaps, scrubs, cremes, balms and home fragrances always formulated from the highest quality plant-based ingredients. 

These days, Moxxie has moved beyond the traditional bath & body/ beauty space and has stepped up to create a positive impact as a lifestyle + attitude brand. 

Cause it ain’t just skin care. 

Moxxie is decidedly a revolutionary stance of  “Yes, I can.”  I create Moxxie as a soul filling,  empowering affirmation - created to inspire daily rituals that nurture mind+body wellness.  The power of unapologetic self-care is real.  I finally discovered that small moments of self-care add up to yield big results – for me and for others.  

Be kind to yourself.  Refill your cup. 

Enjoying The Life Of Unapologetic Self-Care Means You Can Do The Things That Bring You Joy, Satisfaction And Help You Thrive.


Jackie Olivier