The soul of Moxxie

I Am

Vibrating at the intersection of style and possibility.
Owning the Middle. Holding onto nuance.
Loving the many shades of gray and
Pops of color.

I drive an EV and an SUV.

I eat tons of kale and groove on whole milk ice cream.
Perfectly Imperfect.

Leaning into the power of Unapologetic Self-Care.

Some days are better than others.
So many roles to play.
So many competing demands.
Sometimes I just want to


Then I discovered how to
Find my Flow.

I am committed to embracing my
life journey with passion, courage and no regrets.
My Story. My way.

Learning to
Live my Joy and Trust my Wisdom.

There are so many layers to my being.
I am peeling back each one.
Loving the discoveries.
Why didn’t I do this sooner?

I have learned over the years about
the importance of prioritizing self-care.
Those were hard lessons.
Getting the hang of it now.

Practice makes perfect.

Taking a new stance
with moxxie 

I am


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