• moxxie handcrafted botanical  lavender bath and body
  • Moxxie Handcrafted Botanical Solid Sugar Scrub

Customers Tell Us...

  • I absolutely love the silky soft feel of the body creme and the smell of the lavender is just heavenly.

    - Michelle M

  • Got a chance to try the solid sugar scrub.  It's perfect!

    - Marie M

  • Thank you for creating a product that allows those of us to appreciate, take the valuable time of self-care, and enjoy the experience..

    - Christine W

  • So glad I found Moxxie Essential Care. I got some skin care products for my wife and she loved them.  I AM OUT OF THE DOGHOUSE AGAIN. THANK YOU Moxxie!!

    - Nicandro

  • "I got the most amazing smelling box today! I think I'm going to sleep with the tissue paper on my pillow. Can't wait to use the citrus scrub. Already sprayed the living room." 

    Karen O

  • Luxury in a Bottle. Treat yourself! That is what I did when I purchased this little bottle of citrus scented lotion that was amazing. The lotion itself is very nourishing and soothing. I have very dry skin and this lotion really keeps my skin hydrated. The citrus scent is a huge bonus: it is refreshing, light, and a joy to wear.

    - Nancy M

  • It's the only thing I have found that is the perfect balance for my skin.

    Dawn B.

  • Peppermint Spray! Ahhh-The Moxxie Peppermint Spray is amazing. It is a staple in our home and is so relaxing and invigorating. I love that it is so fresh and natural and does not have that chemical undertone most do. Yay for Peppermint Moxxie!

    Sonja C.