Bird Jazz

Bird Jazz

There’s a tree outside my bedroom window that is coming into bloom. Now that it’s spring.

And it makes for a comfy hang out space for the local feathered wildlife.

One bird, in particular, has taken up a perch and created a stage for stridently tweeting his melodies and serenading us throughout the night. The concert series starts around midnight and continues into the early morning hours.

Bird Jazz.

This dude is a solo act. Proud. Loud. Exuberant. I’m told it’s probably a mocking bird though I can’t see him to confirm.

He’s got lung power too. No two tweets are the same.

He blows his horn with the rhythmic staccato of a great jazz musician. Sonny Rollins comes to mind. Let's take a moment....

Cool Improv.

I’m impressed. I just hope he finds his mate sometime soon so I can get a full night’s rest again.