A Mother's Day Reflection

A Mother's Day Reflection

I remember as a child how each year Mother’s Day triggered a major art project in school when the teacher would instruct us to push aside our writing assignments and assemble the Elmer’s glue, rubber cement, construction paper, markers and scissors.

Excitement, giggles and chatter filled the air…..

She would have us bring in either an empty milk carton or coffee can - which I did dutifully - and we would each happily get about the business of creating a specially decorated, highly personalized container. I always made a special box for my mother to hold her precious belongings – one year for her jewelry, another for herdaily "essential items" like recipes or sewing supplies.

And there was always a handmade card and poem.

As I got a bit older, the containers became more intricate as we glued on buttons or painted macaroni. Some years we might get to melt wax and create a candle which I then colored with the melted stubs and ends of my coveted crayons - this then supported the argument to my dad for a Crayola set upgrade.

Do you remember what a big deal it was to graduate up from the “Basic 8” and FINALLY get the 64 Color set with a built-in sharpener?

O. M. G.... and I still love crayons!

When I finally brought home my carefully crafted gift, my mom would smile and place the container in a prominent spot on her dresser or on the counter in the kitchen and we would celebrate the day together.

Fast forward year’s later, and my kids went thru a similar annual ritual. I have hung onto a few of the most precious items made by my son and daughter.

Oh… the memories.

This year will mark the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day. It’s considered to be one of the biggest commercial holidays in the U.S. but it is so much more than that. At it’s core Mother’s Day celebrates the power of motherhood and the sanctity of unconditional love.

In honor of your mother I invite you to share your favorite memories of Mother’s Day in the comments below.