Our Manifesto


Moxxie  mox·ie/ˈmäksē/

1.  Determination. Verve. Resolve. Attitude.

2.  The ability to juggle competing demands - day in and day out
3.  The commitment to
Unapologetic Self Care and Mind + Body Wellness

live the moxxie life
      You Have Moxxie

Somewhere. Deep inside.
You know you do...  Most days.

With your Moxxie you embrace Intuition,
Honor your Passion and

Seize the Moment.

You don't need Permission.
You are Bold AND Vulnerable,
Powerful AND Audacious,
Generous AND Demanding.

You Engage and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world.

Adore and Honor yourself.
Be Authentic, Bold and Honest.
Live your life on your terms. Your design.

Find your Balance. Your Flow.

Celebrate Your Wisdom. Own it.

Self-Care. Everyday.  Unapologetically.

Pause. Take a deep Breath.... Exhale.

STEPPPING INTO the moxxie life