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made to inspire. 
Moxxie products are gentle, hydrating, and wonderfully textured. Thoughtfully crafted with nuanced aromas that calm the mind, stir the imagination.

We encourage you to Believe in the Power of Unapologetic Self-Care. Everyday! #moxxiemoments

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Moxxie all natural, hand and body Bar Soap in rosemary and lavenderMoxxie all natural, hand made, 100% botanical Bar Soap in rosemary and lavender
Moxxie all natural, handcrafted 100% botanical Bar Soap - lavender and oatmealMoxxie all natural, hand made Bar Soap in lavender and oatmeal
Moxxie all natural, handcrafted 100% botanical Bar Soap - patchouli scentStack of swirling cream and tan patchouli bars, handcrafted by Moxxie and all natural with added botanicals
Sold out
moxxie handcrafted botanical bar soap in citrus blendStack of Moxxie handcrafted botanical bar soap in citrus blend, showing their creamy orange and tan texture
Citrus Blend Bar Soap
Sale price$10.00
Moxxie hand made, all natural Lemongrass and Oatmeal bar soapStack of swirling orange and yellow bar soaps speckled with oatmeal - Moxxie Lemongrass and Oatmeal bar soap
Sold out
Bars of Moxxie handcrafted natural chocolate mint soapStack of Moxxie Chocolate Mint bar soaps showing their marbled brown, tan and cream texture
Chocolate Mint Bar Soap
Sale price$10.00
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