Jump Into the Pool....

Jump Into the Pool....

Recently I found a picture of kids gleefully jumping into a pool and thought about how I so often don’t do that.

I always stick my toe in and moan about how cold the water is. Eventually I inch in painfully, slowly adjusting to the water temperature. As the water gets higher I pause, first to get my feet, then my legs used to it. Slowly I get in up to my shoulders.

This process takes forever. Jeez. Eventually, I get brave enough to plunge in and stop torturing myself. Sometimes I never go in all the way.

Hesitation. Procrastination. Fear.
Three things that always get in the way of Doing. Of Being.

It has taken me forever to allow myself the time and space to do this blog. I have hesitated for so long because blogging is very important to me. Being out there. I wanted to do it right. Whatever that means.

Which is what Hesitation is all about really. Worry and Self-Torture.

So, why not just jump in? We are never really ready. It’s better to just get the initial shock over with and move on.

Discover. Adjust. Enjoy.

So here it goes. Taking the plunge. Jumping into the Pool. This is the start of a new journey!