4 Simple Steps to Whole Body Skincare

4 Simple Steps to Whole Body Skincare

We cleanse our skin to remove dirt, oils, excess sebum, sweat, and other pollutants from your skin’s surface. Water alone doesn’t cut it. Don’t be fooled. Soap, and I mean made with nutrient dense plant oils and not made with sulfates, harsh detergents, irritating dyes and artificial perfumes.

Moxxie soap gently emulsifies and removes the impurities and toxins, that have accumulated throughout the day, from your skin without stripping its natural oils –the lipids and proteins - our bodies create as a protective barrier. The infusion of pure, undiluted essential oils – pure plant extracts - provide our soaps with complex aromas that calm the mind, stir the imagination, and encourage a positive feeling of well-being. 


Gentle exfoliation dislodges and removes dead skin cells and reveals newer skin cells which absorb moisturizers more effectively. But easy does it...Abrasive scrubs and harsh chemicals can injure skin your skin cells and cause irritation. 

Moxxie Solid Sugar Scrubs are made in small batches from pure cane sugar and kaolin clay blended with softening butters and oils.

Each sugar scrub cube softens in water and creates a soft, yet effective and aroma-therapeutic way to massage away dead skin and lock in moisture. Gentle enough to use every day or as often as your skin type and mind+body spirit requires.

Eat  Pray Scrub.


It's best to use the most natural ingredients with proven to help improve skin elasticity, texture and clarity. Shea butter, almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil are some of the best performer. Our handcrafted Hand & Body Creme is a soft blend of shea butter and sweet almond oils infused with pure, unadulterated essential oils. We keep it simple.  Moisturizers are best when applied immediately after your shower or bath. Lightly towel dry and apply all over to lock in moisture. Reapply as need throughout the day.



Ok, "to protect" is a big promise. And to be clear, we’re not talking sun screens and certainly nothing that would be considered a pharmaceutical or drug. Moxxie skincare protection comes from a careful blend of plant oils and waxes that attract and help lock in moisture.

Barrier products, we like to call them, which support your skin's natural lipid barrier while allowing your skin to breathe and exhale.   Our handcrafted Body Balms are great for particularly dry, scaly or overexposed body parts - elbows, heels, lips and toes AND everywhere else you want to lock down moisture protection.

It's the Balm Diggety.


Daily rituals of whole body skin care are healthful rituals that start with clean, gentle, skin loving, mind balancing products. Our environment is full of stresses and toxins that threaten our overall health and well being. Our skincare products don’t have to add to the daily assault. Not if you don’t want them to. In fact, gentle, moisturizing, naturally aromatic body care go a long way to reaffirm, provide dry irritated skin relief and mental balance.


Four. Simple. Steps. Indulge regularly and you will see-feel the difference.

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

- John C. Maxwell