About Jackie O...

I AM a philosopher, designer, innovator and change maker.  I LIVE to create, transform and impact. I LOVE the interplay of colors, textures and aromas.  I COMMIT to embrace my life journey with passion, curiosity and conviction.



Formulating plant-based bath and body products gives me all that and then some.

During the 80’s and 90’s I studied the art and science of architectural design and real estate development then set upon a mission to rebuild inner city communities and create pioneering affordable housing with non-profit community organizations. Eventually I expanded my work to include the design and construction of innovative office spaces - leveraging the expansion of technology and demand for flexibility for the knowledge-based worker.

Empowering people, building communities and improving the quality of home and work environments was my dedication and mission.

Amidst the excitement and anticipation of Y2K, I reinterpreted my passions, pulled up stakes, and journeyed west with my family. I became a bootstrapping, small business entrepreneur with my husband. We own and operate an engineering-based manufacturing business and, over the years, have parented two wonderfully terrific kids into young adults.

A few years ago, I added Moxxie Essential Care to the mix as a commitment to honor my deeply rooted creative yearnings...long deprived and woefully underutilized. I set out to reengage my authentic self, to live with renewed intention, to design+ build and make a difference!

SCENTual Living.   Mind + Body Wellness.

I created Moxxie Essential Care as an evolving line of bath and body products which are gentle, hydrating, honestly scented and wonderfully textured - multi-purpose skincare products thoughtfully crafted from 100% plant-based ingredients. We formulate nuanced products that calm the mind, stir the imagination and encourage a positive feeling of well being.

And it ain't just about skin care. The true meaning of Moxxie is about seizing the moment, living a life of your own design, having courage, determination, inner strength and verve. I have learned over the years about the importance of affirming self-care. Those were hard lessons. Self-Care is the critical part of refilling your cup, maintaining balance and being able to keep on doing "whatcha been doin'" - for yourself and others.

Growing Older.   Getting Bolder.   Enjoying the Life of Unapologetic Self-Care.

Small moments yield big results. Living with Moxxie gives each of us permission to embrace our uniqueness, focus on our wellness and to indulge in daily rituals of unapologetic selfcare that inspire moments of pause and renewal.

I invite you to find your Moxxie. 


Jackie Olivier